About Andrew Brown Sr | Realtor

Early Life

Andrew Brown Sr was born in Boston and spent the first 6 years of his childhood in foster care. He was later adopted at age 7 by a loving, spiritual family. They provided the perfect incubator for Andrew to grow and thrive.

At an early age, Andrew to traveled to Ghana and South Africa. This life changing experience opened his eyes to the world and put in perspective how blessed his life was, regardless of the trials and tribulations he endured. 

“I will never forget seeing a young boy, probably around my age at the time, chasing our bus for what seems to be for miles, in order for him to collect a couple coins to feed his family. That experience has made me appreciate what I have, and never take anything for granted.” 

College Experience

As a student at Boston College, Andrew gained experience in marketing while working as an intern for Mercedes-Benz of Boston. This gave Andrew an opportunity to learn marketing from a prestigious Boston area car dealership, being apart of their SMART car campaigns.

After his fall semester in 2009 at Boston College, Andrew went back to California to finish his degree in marketing. During his time, he interned for various companies, including The Part-Time CFO Inc., where he honed his networking skills by getting involved with local chambers of commerce.

During his time between classes, Andrew worked for his mom, who started a business cleaning out vacant homes. Her business grew into a remodeling company, affording Andrew an opportunity to learn construction.

Career Path

Andrew Brown currently serves a Realtor and Business Manager for an agent at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, where he oversees the operational and business management for the company. Andrew is also an active real estate investor, owning multiple rentals and helping his clients pursue financial freedom through investing.

 “Help others achieve their dreams and YOU WILL achieve yours.” – Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

As he begins building his real estate empire, Andrew is committed to developing resources and training for his primary segment: individuals in underserved communities. He aspires to use his real estate background to give back to the community by developing low-income housing units and help those to pursue professional and vocational careers. 

Andrew Brown’s multitude of experiences over the years have expanded his perspective. He has benefited from many lessons learned, strengthening his personal commitment to giving back to the community and helping students pursue their dreams.