About Andrew Brown


Andrew Brown currently serves as marketing manager for the Sheri Isaacs Real Estate Group in Mission Viejo, CA, where he oversees the branding, lead generation and customer service for the company. He also markets high-end properties for the group. He concurrently consults with many small and mid-size businesses to help with their Internet marketing and social media strategy.

Prior to his role with the Sheri Isaacs Real Estate Group, Andrew served as an Internet Marketing / Social Media Manager for a real estate broker and as marketing manager for a pre-owned motorcycle dealership.


Andrew Brown received his BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from California State University, San Bernardino, and is currently pursuing a MBA in Internet Marketing and Social Media from Southern New Hampshire University.


As a student at Boston College, Andrew gained experience in marketing while working as a fall intern for Mercedes-Benz of Boston, where he was tasked with creating a campaign targeting owners of smart cars in the greater New England area to come into the dealer for a winter service. The results of the campaign translated into a 20% response rate from 450 customers, making it a success. After his fall semester in 2009 at Boston College, Andrew went back to California to finish his degree in marketing in 2014. During his time, he interned for various companies, including The Part-Time CFO Inc., a small accounting firm, where he honed his networking skills by getting involved with local chambers of commerce and local business networking groups. Andrew went on to specialize in internet and social media marketing, providing independent marketing consults in different industries; real estate, mortgage, non-profit, automotive and e-commerce.


Andrew aspires to become a professor at Southern New Hampshire University, and inspire students, looking to pursue a career in Internet Marketing or simply brand themselves in a competitive workplace. His focused approach would center on allowing them to work on projects, but more importantly, mentoring.

Andrew’s multitude of experiences over the years have expanded his perspective. He has benefited from many lessons learned. This has strengthened his personal commitment to giving back to the community and helping students pursue their dreams.

“Help others achieve their dreams and YOU WILL achieve yours.” – Les Brown, Motivational Speaker


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