Real Estate Investing Guide!

Partner with Andrew to start your Real Estate Investing…

Fix and Flips

Create a winning strategy to faciliatate the purchase, renovation and sale while maximizing profits.

Buy and Hold (Rentals)

Manage the aquistion of a cash-flow rental property that will be a source of residual income.


Expand your real estate portfolio with multi family complexes with security and tax advantages!

Private Lending

Invest your IRA or other savings accounts in real estate in order to achieve a better ROI.

Property Management



Every rental receives professional photography with select virtual staged images in order to maximize your return.


Tenant Relations

I take a hands on approach when dealing with your tenants. By creating a positive relationship during the pre-screening process and establishing an open line of communication throughout the tenancy. This results in satisfied tenants whom in turn are highly likely to take care of the property and pay on time.



Schedule maintenance and repairs, negotiate contracts with vendors, regularly inspects property to ensure it is in good working order and quickly resolve emergency maintenance issues.


Rent Collection

Rents are collected via online ACH payments and will deposit directly into your bank account.


Owner Relations

My #1 priority is ensuring a smooth and profitable rental management solution. Constant communication and integrity is big for me, and I expect you to hold me to a very high moral and fiduciary standard.


Eviction Protection

If I a tenant I represented and you have to evict them, I will cover the cost up to $1,000 plus I will place a new tenant for free. Guaranteed!