Social Media Management

There are no one size fits all social media strategy, but there is a consistent foundation that must be built first in order for us to develop and execute a successful campaign. Together, we will determine the best use of various social platforms and how using them will fit your overall business goals.


“In order to represent your company on social media, learning about your company culture is important. For me, failure is not an option!”

Website Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram are the four major social media sites that will be used as the foundation of any strategy. During the consultation, we will examine the benefits of each platform and how they will be utilized to meet objectives.

Editorial Calendar

This editorial calendar will have a detailed plan of types of content such as video, pictures, general information, etc. as well as frequency of the postings over the course of 3 months.

Targeted Demographics

With millions of daily Facebook users, there are opportunities to strategically target potential clients. Together, we will work on creating a customer profile of your target market for different areas of your business, and use that information as a guide.

Posting Strategy

We all know that posting is critical to the success of any social media strategy. The key is determining what to post and when to post. Together, we will develop a content posting strategy that will increase engagements. The initial goal is not all about gaining sales or new clients, but developing relationships with people and establishing a productive online presence with the long term goal of generating new business.

Advertising Strategy

Generating new business immediately is part of the lead generation strategy and can become very expensive if not managed properly. My social media advertising strategy is geared towards exposing your brand to your target audience to generate valuable leads.

Engagement Strategy

Once we start posting content and generating leads, engaging with customers is a great way to continue the relationship building and making sure you are always top of mind. Together, we will build your circle of influence and I will engage with users on your behalf.


What is social media management?

Implementing a social media management plan, I will update and manage your social profiles on a monthly basis, including frequent posts and engagements to your social media circle of influence.

Why commit for 3 months?

The reason I suggest committing to a 3-month campaign is to allow for social momentum to build and to reap the benefits of constantly posting new material and having it shared is going to have a long term benefit for other factors such as website SEO through social signals. There have been cases were campaigns have been successful under 3-months, but that usually requires money for advertising or you posted a very compelling piece that just spread though the social media sphere quickly by going “viral”.

My goal is to manage your expectations for any campaign and I cannot make promised guaranteeing instant success, but will give you the best recommendations based on your current business situation.

Why should I choose you?

I know social media but most importantly, I understand how social media can be used for both lead generation and for complete branding. I have a passion for finding solutions and being able to help anyone improve their online presence and being able to use social media for themselves and to understand its power on modern commerce. My clients not only receive social media management, but I pride myself in personally training them so they know exactly what is going on at all times.


Let’s Leverage Social Media

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